[KYOTO GION] Maiko Performance @Zoom


Virtual tours: Secret society of maiko in Kyoto.

Gion Kobu of Kyoto is the most famous geiko / geisha (in Kyoto, geisha are referred to as geiko) district in Japan, with its history of over 300 years. The area is a home of the finest and authentic Japanese traditional arts of dancing, music and tea ceremonies, performed by elegant female artists who are wearing Kimono and proficiency in the cultural performances.

Only the most talented and devoted apprentice can become a geiko (a fully-fledged artist) or a maiko (an apprentice geiko under the age of 21) here.

Without a doubt, Gion Kobu represents the excellence of Japanese elegance, beauty, culture, and incomparable hospitality.

Traditionally, one is unable to enter a teahouse to be entertained by geiko or maiko without a reference from an existing client who has already built trust with a chatelaine of the teahouse. Even if you stroll down the renowned Hanamikoji street of Gion, it is almost impossible to find the teahouse. Moreover, if you are inviting those artists at Gion Kobu is extremely privileged and it is a costly alternative. The usual guests with pass are consists of celebrities, politicians, CEOs of exclusive, and millionaires. Therefore, Gion has always been a mysterious area with many legends and secrets, even to Japanese...

This time, we are honored to have the opportunity to be affiliated with maiko in Gion Kobu and you have the chance to participate virtual experiences of the maiko’s world. She performs the arts and answers your questions during the live session.

Join us via Zoom, you will be at a 100-year-old former teahouse, and enjoy exquisite traditional performances with the incomparable hospitality.
The event is hosted by an English-speaking geiko culture expert from Poland, who has been studying the arts for over 15 years and has been working with geiko and maiko closely at Gion Kobu every day.

Please prepare your questions. We reserve a lot of time during the event for a question corner, so you can ask maiko directly and reveal the mysteries of her life. Every cultural aspect is carefully explained in English to avoid the language barrier. Join us on August 2, 21:00 GMT+9!

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Sun Aug 2, 2020
9:00 PM - 9:45 PM JST
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